Metaris M4 Style Vane Motors

Metaris MM Series Vane Motor

Metaris MM Series high pressure vane motors are perfect interchange replacements for Denison® M4 series vane units. Our vane motor units are available in a variety of different displacements with multiple torque, shaft, porting and port connection options. These units are capable of working with pressures up to 2500 psi and maximum rpms up to 4000. We also stock replacement cartridge kits, seal kits and shaft kits for these units.

These units interchange with Denison® M4 series vane units.

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Metaris MM Series Vane Motors - Replacement M4 Denison Interchange

High Performance Interchange Vane Pumps & Motors

  • Single, Double, Triple & Drive Train options
  • High pressure efficiency
  • Cartridge Kit design
  • Drop-in assemblies, easy conversion, and ease of maintenance
  • Engineered for a wide speed range
  • Balanced design allows for extended bearing life
  • Low noise level design
  • Wide range of acceptable viscosities
  • High pressure efficiency with special fluids such as phosphate esters and water glycols
  • Great mounting flexibility and installation compatibility

M4 Style Vane Motor Specifications

Pump Series Displacement
Max RPM Max Pressure
(psi / bar)
MM4C 1.49 - 4.89 24 - 80 0.24 - 0.78 0.39 - 1.27 4000 2500 / 175
MM4C1 1.49 - 4.89 24 - 80 0.24 - 0.78 0.39 - 1.27 4000 2500 / 175
MM4D 3.97 - 8.81 65 - 144 0.63 - 1.40 1.04 - 2.30 4000 2500 / 175
MM4D1 3.97 - 8.81 65 - 144 0.63 - 1.40 1.04 - 2.30 4000 2500 / 175

Model Code Breakdown

Please refer to our Technical Catalog here for the model code breakdowns, or by clicking the Literature tab to the right of this tab and clicking the link to the technical catalog.

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