Metaris ML51 Series Interchange Gear Pumps

ML51 Series Bearing Style Gear Pump

Genuine Metaris ML51 pumps & motors have a combination 2/4 bolt mounting flange & bi-rotational construction, giving you the option of installing as a pump or mot or. The ML51’s large diameter dual porting (side & rear) will lower your inventory requirements and provide you with a popular and versatile product offering. The Genuine Metaris ML51 series are perfect alternatives to Muncie’s® PL series pumps.

  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Multiple displacements and options available
  • Heavy Duty Roller Bearing Design
  • Pressure Balanced Wear Plates
  • Bi-rotational Construction
  • Optional Adjustable Relief Valve
  • Alternatives for Muncie® gear products

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Metaris Aftermarket ML51 Series Hydraulic Gear Pumps & Motors - Interchange

Designed for High Efficiency Output

  • Heavy Duty Roller Bearing Design
  • Bi-rotational construction
  • 4 different gear sizes available
  • Pressure Balanced Wear Plates
  • Pressures up to 3000 psi
  • Hi-flow body design for increased flow and performance
  • Optional Adjustable Relief Valve
  • Speeds up to 2400 rpm
  • Dual porting - side & rear, NPT or ORB
  • High Strength Steel Gear & Shaft Sets
  • Interchange with similar Muncie® gear pumps

ML51 Pump Specifications

Gear Size Displacement
(in³ / cm³)
Max RPM Max Pressure (Dowelled)
(PSI / bar)
(Lbs / Kgs)
1.75 4.46 / 73.1 2400 3000 / 207 48 / 22
2.00 5.10 / 83.6 2400 2500 / 172 49 / 22
2.25 5.74 / 94.0 2400 2500 / 172 51 / 23
2.50 6.37 / 104.4 2400 2500 / 172 54 / 24

Weights shown are for single unit pumps/motors.

Metaris ML51 Pump Model Code Breakdown

ML51 Series Gear Pump Model Code Breakdown

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