Metaris MMW Series Low Speed High Torque Wheel Motor

Metaris MMW Series Orbital Wheel Motor

Genuine Metaris MMW series wheel motors are spool valve motors that can be used in parallel or series configurations. MMW series orbital motors are available in 7 different displacement sizes. Form & function replacements for common motors in the market today such as Eaton®/Char-Lynn®, Danfoss®, Parker® and White®.

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  • Wheel mount specific applications
  • Multiple displacements and options available
  • Spool valve distribution type
  • High efficiency shaft bearing
  • Alternatives for Eaton®/Char-Lynn®, Danfoss®, Parker®, White® and more

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Metaris Aftermarket MMW Series Orbital Wheel Motors

Your Best Low Speed High Torque Motor Option

  • Advanced Roller-Star technology, requiring lower pressure at start-up and providing smoother operation at all speeds
  • High efficiency shaft bearing, which allows higher pressure, speed and radial force
  • 7 different displacement sizes available
  • High pressure shaft seal, which allows for higher back pressures and an increased ability to handle high pressure spike conditions
  • Pressures up to 2500 psi
  • Speeds up to 360 rpm
  • Internal integrated check valve, which limits case pressure by blocking the high pressure port side and allowing the motor housing to drain into the outlet (low pressure) port
  • Alternatives for Eaton®/Char-Lynn®, Danfoss®, Parker®, White® and more

MMW Specifications

Model Code (Disp.) Displacement
(in³ / cm³)
Max RPM Flow
(gpm / lpm)
(PSI / bar)
01 12.2 / 200 360 21.1 / 80 2538 / 175
02 15.0 / 245 320 21.1 / 80 2538 / 175
03 18.9 / 310 250 21.1 / 80 2538 / 175
04 23.8 / 390 200 21.1 / 80 2248 / 155
05 29.9 / 490 156 21.1 / 80 1813 / 125
06 38.4 / 630 120 21.1 / 80 1813 / 125
07 48.8 / 800 100 21.1 / 80 1450 / 100

Values given are based on Continuous operation parameters. Intermittent values are available in the technical catalog.

Metaris MMW Series Model Code Breakdown

MMW Series Orbital Motor Model Code Breakdown

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